Formulation of functional foods with gastrointestinal activity

This consultancy is aimed to all companies operating in the field of food production and owning quality products that they would like to make the most of. TGD provides professional advice aimed at providing technical and scientific support for the design and prototyping of new “science-based” food and nutraceutical products.

The growing market for functional foods and nutraceuticals is filled with products that promise positive health effects without having a strong scientific basis behind them. Just as the beneficial properties of many foods, supported by a lot of scientific knowledge, are not exploited to solve or improve symptoms of many diseases that are still treated exclusively with drugs.

TGD, with its consolidated experience in scientific research, offers the ideal service to lead to the design and marketing of nutraceutical and functional products supported by a strong and truthful scientific background to support the marketing strategy that is to be implemented.

Based on the ingredients that are available, the type of formulation and / or the health claim you want to aspire to, TGD will propose the best solutions available on the market, always guaranteeing a natural, healthy and competitive product.
TGD, following the customer’s requests, can design any type of food dedicated to particular groups of the population such as celiacs, vegans or simply requiring organic food.

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