Targeting Gut Disease (TGD) S.r.l. is a young and dynamic company, highly specialized in the development of supplements with anti-inflammatory characteristics of natural origin, immunomodulatory and anti-dysbiotic.

The fusion of entrepreneurial spirit, scientific distinction and internationally recognized clinical experience are our key resource and form the basis from which to suffer to gain a leading position worldwide in the nutraceutical products market.

TGD was born in 2015 from the desire of its members to apply their interdisciplinary skills to produce a range of valid commercial products capable of improving chronic inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. This Spin-off of the University of Bologna is able to cover the entire process of developing new food supplements from in vitro research to clinical validation.


Targeting Gut Disease was born as an entrepreneurial project from the meeting, that took place within the University of Bologna, between nutrition experts and medical experts in the field of intestinal inflammation. The idea that arises from the meeting is to formulate innovative food supplements designed and addressed to diseases that have not yet found effective drug therapies or other useful solutions to improve their symptoms. With this idea in our mind, the first project was drawn up for the establishment of a Startup within the University of Bologna, called Targeting Gut Disease. This project wins the Startcup 2014, a competition among the best industrial projects developed within the University of Bologna in 2014. Thus, the founders of TGD (Prof. Enzo Spisni, Prof. Massimo Campieri and Dr. Chiara Valerii) they find the first small loan that is used to found the company. It remained only to decide the name of the company and find other financiers to raise the money necessary to move the project from paper to industrial production. Given the success of the first product in clinical trials, we decided to call the company with the same name as the winning project of the Startcup 2014: Targeting Gut Disease, TGD. TGD participates in the “FARETE” fair and there it meets the two Business Angels who, by entering the share capital, allow the company to start the first production of BIOintestil®, the first patented product to start a clinical study and enter the market. From that moment, new ideas and new products are continuously developed by TGD, all with the same mission: to be addressed to pathologies that have not yet found satisfactory pharmacological or phytotherapeutic solutions and to be tested in clinical studies that demonstrate their scientific validity.


For centuries, plant extracts have been and still are used by oriental medicine as healing elements. Using the theoretical foundations of the oriental medical tradition and reinforcing them with modern scientific knowledge, our company studies and develops natural food supplements capable of guaranteeing the well-being of the entire body.


Scientifical research partner against
intestinal disorder

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