Contributes to normal energy metabolism.
In combination with a properly balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, it promotes weight control, a reduction in the sense of hunger and the normalisation of alterations typical of obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Limenorm® | TGD
Limenorm® - Totally Natural | TGD

Limenorm® - Totally Natural

Limenorm® is a blend of cocoa bean fibre (Theobroma cacao L.) and Sweet Orange Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium var. dulcis Hayne) with a high Limonene content.

Cacao supports metabolic activity and normal mood. Orange Essential Oil may support digestive function and the elimination of intestinal gas. Limonene has a selective antimicrobial action, with beneficial effects on the intestinal microbiota. Cocoa fibre contains flavonoids with antioxidant action and contributes to the product’s eubiotic activity.

Scientifically tested | TGD

Scientifically tested

Limenorm® can be used as a raw material for food supplements with eubiotic action to restore proper energy metabolism.

Preclinical scientific studies in a mouse model of obesity have demonstrated the efficacy of Limenorm® in positively modulating the intestinal microbiota by reducing the presence of specific bacterial strains that negatively impact blood levels of triglycerides and glucose. A randomised, double-blind clinical trial in patients suffering from Metabolic Syndrome is currently underway.

Patented in Europe | TGD

Patented in Europe

Limenorm® is the second patent designed entirely by Targeting Gut Disease S.r.l. The patent covers the formulation and its manufacturing technology (European Patent Application n°20178426.1).


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Has the product been tested?

In what form is the product sold?

Is Liporange Complex® comparable to "slimming / fat burning / thermogenic / metabolism booster" products or an alternative to "antidiabetic / antihypertensive / lipid-lowering" drugs, etc.?

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What is the nutritional information?

Does the product contain gluten?

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Is the product GMO-free?

Does the product have any side effects? Could it be toxic in any way?

Is there a regulatory framework covering the product’s ingredients?

Where does each ingredients’ feedstock come from?

How is the production process organized?

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