TGD provides its clients with customised consultancy for the design and scientific validation of functional foods and nutraceuticals aimed at supporting the body’s balance.
Through collaborations with the University of Bologna and other national and international research centres, the team is able to propose complex development and testing plans based on in vitro studies, pre-clinical and clinical research.

Consultancy for scientific conception and validation

TGD offers consulting services to all companies operating in the field of food production and possessing quality products that they would like to implement and enhance. The team provides technical and scientific support in the conception and validation of new functional foods and balanced nutraceuticals.

The market is full of products promising positive health effects that are not supported by scientific data. TGD, with its consolidated experience in scientific research, is able to guide the design and testing phases with professionalism and innovation.

Depending on the ingredients available, the type of formulation and/or the health claim desired, the team will propose the best solutions for the market, guaranteeing the creation of a natural, healthy and competitive product.

TGD, following the customer’s requests, can devise any type of functional or nutraceutical food, even dedicated to particular segments of the population such as coeliacs, vegans or those who simply pay special attention to the quality of ingredients.

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