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Nature and innovation for the our life quality

Targeting Gut Disease (TGD) S.r.l is a young and dynamic company, highly specialized in the development of supplements with anti-inflammatory characteristics of natural origin.

TGD develops innovative food supplements capable of fighting chronic intestinal inflammation, systemic inflammation and positively modulating the intestinal microbiota, without the use of probiotics. On this and many other topics, we provide advice for the development of in vitro, preclinical and clinical studies, aimed at demonstrating the efficacy of nutraceuticals and fortified foods.

The company

Scientifical research partner against
intestinal disorder

TGD products


Innovative food supplement based on natural plant extracts, with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-dysbiotic effects

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EITviral ®

Food supplement based on natural plant extracts and vitamin D for the correct functioning of the immune system against infections of viral origin.

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Food supplement based on natural extracts for the control of the metabolic syndrome and for the control of body weight gain.

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