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Spazio Nutrizione 2023 Congress – Innovation and Inspiration

The fourteenth edition of Spazio Nutrizione concluded on Saturday afternoon. It was a dense congress and a beautiful moment of sharing. Representatives from the academic world, other companies in the sector, and nutritionists, the true protagonists of the event, were in attendance.

The congress

Spazio Nutrizione has now reached its fourteenth edition, making it a fundamental event for the continuous education of nutrition professionals. Between conferences, there were opportunities to exchange a few words with many participants and present our innovative products. Learn more at this link.

At Spazio Nutrizione, the worlds of scientific dissemination and ongoing education intersect with commercial realities. The latter have the most important task: to put into practice and make the latest discoveries available to the general public. During these two days, there was much discussion about nutrition, microbiota, and nutraceuticals. TGD, of course, could not miss it. Getting to know many nutritionists from all over Italy driven by curiosity and fascinated by scientific innovation was a real pleasure.

The innovation of TGD

We are a former start-up from the University of Bologna, specializing in scientific research. At the congress, we brought all our knowledge about essential oils and health. Presenting our studies to curious and passionate professionals was the most rewarding part of the event that we take away from this congress.

Essential oils, in fact, can have many uses for human health. They are complex mixtures of compounds produced by various plant families. Some components of essential oils can act as modulators of the intestinal microbiota. Our products and publications are the most compelling evidence of this. The challenge was to bring them into direct contact with the microbiota, and we shared all our knowledge on this topic with the congress participants.

In the coming months, we will continue to share the results of our research through free webinars, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!


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