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This page is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Massimo Campieri, co-founder of TGD, one of the most renowned experts in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases. Massimo Campieri was a Researcher and Professor at the University of Bologna, as well as the Founder and Director until 2019 of the Centre for the Study and Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases (MICI) at the Policlinico S. Orsola in Bologna.

Curriculum Vitae


Extraordinary Professor of Applied Pathophysiology of Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bologna.


Eligibility as First-Fringe Professor at the University of Verona.


Associate Professor in Physiopathology applied to Internal Medicine at the University of Bologna.


Confirmed researcher at the University of Bologna.


Specialist Diploma in Occupational Medicine with thesis on carbon monoxide intoxication.


Specialist Diploma in Internal Medicine.


Attendance and attendance at the ward and outpatient clinics of the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford.


Specialist diploma in Diseases of the Respiratory System.
Specialist Diploma in Diseases of the Digestive System, with a thesis on differential diagnosis in inflammatory bowel diseases.


Research attendance at the University of Copenhagen.


Professional qualification.


Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Bologna, with a score of 110/110 cum laude.
Experimental thesis: ‘Effects of adrenergic mediators on gastric secretion’.

Clinical Experience

Director of the Simple Departmental Structure for Chronic Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases.


Head of the Corporate Organizational Module of the S. Orsola-Malpighi Polyclinic for Chronic Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases.


Qualification for Primary care in Gastroenterology.


Qualification for Primary care in Internal Medicine.

From 1980

Medical Clinic Assistant at the Policlinico S. Orsola – Malpighi Hospital in Bologna.


Called upon to write more than 50 chapters in national and international specialist and popular texts on the subject of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. Among the most prestigious are:

  • Pharmacology and Therapy of the Digestive System, AAVV, UTET;
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease ed. Satsangi-Sutherland;
  • Enfermedad Inflammatoria Intestinal, II edicion;
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease ed. Kirshner;

Editor of the following volumes:

  • “Getting to know Chronic Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases”, Ulysses ed;
  • ‘Handbook of Clinical Physiopathology’, CLUEB editions;
  • ‘Le Malattie Infiammatorie Croniche Intestinali’, Forum Service publisher 2003;

He has authored 156 full-length papers published in international journals with a high Impact Factor.