Enzo Spisni

Founder e CTO


Associate Professor at the University of Bologna, since 2000 he carries out his research in the field of the physiology of the gastro-intestinal tract and human nutrition. Research interests are aimed in particular at intestinal inflammation and the relationships between food, intestinal microbiota and chronic low-grade inflammation. He currently focuses his research on the topic of intestinal microbiota modulation through food and non-probiotic food supplements. Engaged in national and international research projects, he collaborates with various companies in the Food and Pharma sectors. Author of over 70 publications, he is CEO of Startup Targeting Gut Disease, a company owned by the University of Bologna

Curriculum Vitae


Associate Professor in Physiology, Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, University of Bologna.


Member of the magazine “Nutrition Expert Panel of Focus” (Mondadori) as part of the “Panorama D’Italia Tour” program.


CEO of Start-up Targeting Gut Disease, which participates
as sponsor and partner of the University of Bologna.

Holder of the Course of Nutrition as prevention of non-communicable pathologies, Course of Permanent Training in Natural and Synthetic Food Principles in the prevention of tumors and environmental diseases, School of
Medicine, University of Bologna.


Member of the Scientific Council of the Master (2nd degree) in Nutrition and Health Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bologna.


Holder of the Nutrition Physiology Course.
2nd Level Master in Nutrition and Health Education, School of Medicine, University of Bologna.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the 2nd Level Master in Nutrition and Health Education, School of Medicine, University of Bologna.


Holder of the Physiology of Nutrition Course, Master’s Degree Course in Health Biology, School of Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Motor Sciences, University of Bologna.


Researcher in Physiology at the Department of Biology, University of


PhD in Cell Biology and Physiology, University of Bologna.


Degree in Biological Sciences (110/110 cum laude) at the University of