Design and formulation of immunomodulatory supplements

More and more research in the field of health has highlighted the importance of the immune system associated with the gastro-intestinal system. In fact, this apparatus is the main way of entry into our organism by anything coming from the outside, starting from common foods up to dangerous pathogens. Having a strong and reactive immune system, especially in the intestinal area is the best strategy for preventing disease, not only in the intestine but also in the whole organism.

Immunomodulators are substances capable of interacting with the immune system in many ways and many compounds of natural origin have positive effects on the immune system and in general on the health of the organism. There are plants and / or their extracts capable of positively modulating the inflammatory response bringing relief, of offering additional coverage against infections and again, with antioxidant and anti-aging effects.

TGD, with its consolidated experience in scientific research and in the formulation of “science based” natural supplements, offers professional advice aimed at providing technical and scientific support for the conception and prototyping of new natural products / lines with immunomodulatory effects. These products can be adapted to any type of consumer and market to which they are directed, always guaranteeing the best quality standards.

The team always guarantees the highest quality and applies the same development phases to the supplements that are adopted for drugs. Following to the product design, preclinical and clinical studies capable of validating, without leaving any doubts, the products designed by TGD.


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