Design and formulation of gastrointestinal supplements

TGD provides professional consultancy aimed at providing technical and scientific support for the design and prototyping of new products / lines with strong “Science-based” health properties.
Too many supplements on the market boast unsubstantiated beneficial effects on health and little correlated with current scientific knowledge. On the other hand, there is a lot of consolidated scientific knowledge that has not yet found a right place within nutraceutical products useful for people’s health. Finally, many diseases are still orphans of effective therapies and are treated exclusively from the point of view of symptom reduction.

The gut plays a central role in the development of chronic low-grade inflammation, which is linked to dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome and also to autoimmune diseases.
The lifestyle of our days includes an often incorrect diet rich in chemicals with potential harmful effects (xenobiotics) associated with reduced or absent physical activity.

In this situation, chronic low-grade intestinal inflammations develop which, with the passage of time and through the process defined as “inflammaging”, can lead to chronic degenerative pathologies, the main causes of morbidity in adulthood and old age.
Chronic intestinal inflammation can be combated using a healthy diet, a correct lifestyle, but also with the help of natural products capable of reducing or extinguishing this intestinal inflammation, the basis for the development of many other diseases.

TGD specializes in the design of food supplements capable of counteracting these inflammatory and degenerative processes. TGD applies the same development phases to supplements that are adopted for drugs, following the conception of pre-clinical and clinical studies capable of validating, without leaving any doubts, the products sold under the TGD brand.

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